A brief history of The Sacred Isle Tarot  

The white border version will now come with 2 extra cards, making it an 80 card deck 




About the Journey of The Sacred Isle Tarot 

  It has been said that, rather than discovering the tarot yourself- it chooses to make itself known to you! The tarot made itself known to me many years ago, when a collector of my paintings asked me if i would care to produce a painting illustrating the four wands card for a deck called "the fantasy showcase tarot". Following the publication of this deck i was asked to produce a set called "the interstellar role playing tarot" for US. Games Systems inc. Some of the pencil drawings for the uncompleted deck appear in the Encyclopedia of Tarot vol. 3 by Stuart R. Kaplan.

The 22 major arcana cards of the Sacred Isle Tarot deck relate to the world within ourselves. I have kept to the general concensus as to what is believed to be the true meanings of each card, although my pictorial interpretations may vary a little from many decks. Painting these pictures has been a labour of love which has been rewarded with new insights and discoveries every step of the way and also an indefinable sense of fascination and pleasure. I hope that anyone who enjoys tarot art will find joy in meditating upon these ancient and deep symbolic images.

  The hand made 22 card Arcana deck was released first, then came the audio CD by Joanne Hooper to accompany the deck. Then after 8 years of painting never mind planning the release of the full deck was released on 5th August 2014. The App version was also released around this time too. The first deck was with the white borders, soon after release we where asked if we had any plans to release a black border deck like the Arcana deck. At the time we had no plans to release a black bordered deck but we replied if there's enough interest we would consider it. My reply was posted on a blog and we received lots of interest. So the Black border version was released on 25th November 2014.

  The first editions are almost sold out so brand new editions are coming out soon. They will be made by a major USA games manufacturer and formatted by a digital games expert so the colours will be the closest to David's original paintings as possible. They will be made to industry size tarot cards. We have just received the Black border version which will be released first late October 2016 and they are stunning! The white border version should be available from early 2017. The spec. for the new versions are 2.75" x 4.75" cards size, 300gsm thickness, UV coated.


AUDIO CD now in stock, "JOURNEY TO THE SACRED ISLE"  the perfect meditation audio cd taking you through the meanings arcana deck.  


The APP is now available now from The Fool's Dog, www.foolsdog.com