A preview from the full deck available soon!!!

3rd July 2014- Great news everybody, just heard that the App version has just been released, the wonderful people at Fool's Dog www.foolsdog.com have done a fantastic job of making The Sacred Isle Tarot into an App. The App is meant for ipads, iphones and android devices, with intuitive interface, high resolution card images, and animated shuffle and cut. Available now on iTunes at apple.com, and Google play.

The physical deck I still on course for release at the end of July/ start of August.

Great news everybody the full deck has now been completed! Here are a couple of pictures from the completed deck. We haven't set a release date yet for the full deck, we are currently organising the publishing of it.

We are taking reservation pre-orders where you will receive exclusive items for pre-ordering.

Any wholesalers wanting to stock the deck please email us at damnedmh@hotmail.com