WELCOME TO THE DAVID HIGGINS?THE ?SACRED ISLE TAROT DECK SITE Breaking news! It is my great honour to announce that David has now finished the painting of all the pictures for the full deck. Pre-order reservations are now being taken for the full deck, we haven't a set date for release but we will keep you informed. Anyone who supports us with a pre-order will receive an exclusive variant card only available to people who reserve the full deck before its release. Also there will be an App version coming out soon more details will follow soon. Kindle ebook version of The Art Of The Sacred Isle Tarot is available now on Amazon.com just $4.98? ?

? Welcome to the David Higgins A SACRED ISLE TAROT deck site. Breaking news! As of the 21.4.14 David has now finished painting and has now completed the full deck. David is now working on publishing and releasing the deck. There is no set release date yet but hopefully it won't be too long. We are now taking pre-orders for the full deck, as an added bonus for pre-ordering the deck you will receive an exclusive variant card only available to people who pre-order! Check out all the limited editions in the online shop now. There will also be an App version coming out soon, more details to follow soon! They are available to buy as a very limited deluxe edition 22 card major arcana set hand numbered & signed by the artist, or the premiere edition of 22 major arcana set. Also to keep up to date with news on how the deck is progressing and to see sneak peaks of new cards for the full deck why not register as a fan on Facebook, just type in The Sacred Isle Tarot to find the group. Exclusive photos of new pictures have been added. If you want to know when the full deck will be released please join the facebook group and you will be informed straight away. Since the group started a year ago there have been many updates of concept drawings, painting stages to new pictures, it's well worth checking out.New merchandise is being added all the time so be sure to check out the online store. Custom items can be made so if there is something you desire let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.? NEW EBOOK VERSION OF ARCANA DECK PAINTINGS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON IN THE KINDLE STORE. Also just released is a superb cd by Joanne Hooper called Journey To The Sacred Isle (A Magical Meditation Through The Tarot), featuring artwork from the Sacred Isle Tarot Deck. Joanne has studied tarot for over 20 years and has produced a brilliant cd of meditation looking at the Major Arcana, guiding you through the characters for deeper understanding and clarity. For more infomation on how to obtain this cd please contact Joanne on www.joannehooper.com ? ? ? ?